Netscape Stinks

Really, it does. It stank when they first relaunched it, and its not getting any better. In fact, as Netscape starts to get desperate, the tech crowd hammer on it and heavyweights call foul, it’s beginning to look like one hell of a wreck.

Theres a lesson here, and it’s a simple one: Clones rarely go down well.

As AOL’s Calacanis continues to Digg a grave for the noisome Netscape, the only real value is entertainment.

Time to call this one a day i think Jason.

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2 thoughts on “Netscape Stinks

  1. To be fair I bookmarked straight past the netscape homepage to the webmail about 3 years ago – really never saw the point in it at all!

  2. Netscape really should have asked it’s users what they thought before going live with the social bookmarking site. I wrote a post on one of my blogs when Netscape first came out and got listed on Netscape’s home page for a few weeks. I had 40 comments and most of them were negative. Netscape users didn’t really like the change and that fact that they weren’t given any say in things. You can see the post and comments here:

    and a few comments here:

    I have to admit I removed one positive comment about netscape, because it was a bit too hateful towards Digg users for my tastes. It would have been hard to edit because of all the obscenities.

    Personally, I am not really big into social bookmarking sites. I use Yahoo as my home page, and if they changed their site to a social bookmarking site I would have to consider switching to MSN. I imaging many Netscape users are switching over to MSN and Yahoo. I think Netscape should just revert back to their old page.

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