3 Million Professional Bloggers and Counting…

Thanks to Scott Karp of Publishing 2.0 for finding the key point in a new Pew Internet report on blogging: 7% of bloggers want to make money with their blogs. Fancy that eh?

With around 16,000 active members, and a focus on the commercial side of blogging, I’d like to think we have a small but significant percentage of that 3M right here…

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3 thoughts on “3 Million Professional Bloggers and Counting…

  1. Well, Some how I feel that it is easier to earn through one blog…although I am new in blogging and I am learning things, but still I feel that the site with more and more content will certainly be getting more traffic, however there are other uses of different blog…but still my idea is to keep one or two blogs only…maybe this theory of mine will change soon :p

  2. @mayank: Personal relevance? The good old diary? There are quite a lot of very nice blogs out there where only personal comments are published and read by a big audience.

    Making money with one or a bunch of blogs is not that easy.

  3. Great research by Scott and great find by you Nick!
    I am still amazed and thinking that what those 93% are aiming at???? 😛

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