3 Ways to Immediately Increase Search Engine Traffic

Amongst the commercial blogosphere there is huge interest in the dark, and mysterious art of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. There shouldn’t be. Not because paying attention to Search traffic is bad, or that wanting to rank higher in Google is evil, simply because it’s not rocket science, and anyone can do it. Even you. […]

The Art of Linkbaiting

Ever found it hard to get other bloggers to link to a new blog? Sure you have, it’s not easy sometimes. Even established blogs need to expand their traffic and influence on a regular basis, and linkbaiting is one way to do it. It’s not without potential perils, but the time honored tradition of being […]

What Yahoo! Pipes Really Mean

Every tech blog worth their salt are talking about Yahoo! Pipes, but if you really want to understand the significance of this programmable OS then check out Tim O’Reilly’s piece. As soon as the service is back up, head on over and build something awesome 🙂

Where’s the WTF’ing RSS?

I’ll be the first to admit that maybe I just don’t get Technorati’s WTF, Im still trying to work out what the purpose is and whether it’s really useful, but one thing I did notice, is that there is no rss feed! If im understanding this right, it’s popular topics at Technorati anotated by the […]

Five Minute Podcast: All Google, All the Time

Five minute podcast (no production, one take, one subject, five minutes) on using Google exclusively for day to day blogging needs and why this freaks me out a bit. PS: Im working on the format. There should be a nice little flash player, and I cant work out why it wont show. If I dont […]

Snap Respond to my Anti Preview Anywhere Post, but Popups Still Annoying

Snap’s Jason Fields has responded to my anti SPA post which got Dugg and consequently garnered unexpected, but appreciated support in the broader community. In a nutshell, our product is intended to enable users to “look before leaping”, saving many people a wasted click. I will however be the first to admit that this is […]

(UPDATE: Launch trouble?): 5 Min Podcast: Testing SplashCast

UPDATE: Guess they’re having launch trouble as the damn thing doesnt want to seem to play now! If you cant see the controls, try the raw mp3 here.. UPDATE2: Removed, what a dissapointment Go ahead, play it. it’s only 5 minutues… Techcrunch announcement is here

Please remove Partners Code from your Blogs

As I beleive eveyone knows, our ad network closes today. Please remove the code from your blogs , but do watch this space. I dont/cant make promises, but i really believe we had something with the Partners program and that with a little tweaking, and the right kind of partnership, we could make this profitable […]

Looking for a Hosting Sponsor for Performancing Community

Im looking for a hosting company that has great offerings for bloggers, one we’d be proud to recommend and could do so with conviction, as you’d be hosting our community on a well spec’d dedicated LAMP server. Please email me if that fits you: performancing@gmail.com thanks!

Ok so Im hooked on Google Reader

A couple of days ago I asked “why do you use Google Reader”, I’ve been hearing that it’s improved for a long time now, and we get many referals from it here. After getting some damn good reasons for using it in that thread, i turned off Liferea, my Ubuntu/Gnome reader of chioce and decided […]