Ok so Im hooked on Google Reader

A couple of days ago I asked “why do you use Google Reader”, I’ve been hearing that it’s improved for a long time now, and we get many referals from it here. After getting some damn good reasons for using it in that thread, i turned off Liferea, my Ubuntu/Gnome reader of chioce and decided […]

3 Reasons Why Snap Preview is Ruining Your Blog, and Hurting Your Readership

Welcome Digg readers, you can grab this sites RSS Feed here. Snap’s preview anywhere gizmo is ruining the reading experience for millions of people. Its intrusive, obstructive and unuseful in almost every respect and use case. The fact that so many big blogs are using it, big well respected blogs, does not mean that it’s […]

Oh God No… More Blog Bling from Yahoo!

Barry points out that Yahoo! are dishing out link trinkets for those who just can’t keep the bling off their pages. You can see ours below: Links to Site Apparently, if you put this on your pages, wish really hard, and click your heels together three times, you’ll be a popular blogger… Heaven spare us.

MyBlogLog getting Spammed? No Shit Sherlock…

Why it surprises Yahoo’s Jeremy Zawodny that an exploit in newly acquired MyBlogLog is already being exploited by marketers and seo’s is beyond me. The fact that Andy Beal and quite a number of other folks are using MBL to spam blogging communities is just the inevitable consequence of the service going mainstream. Opportunities are […]

Loren Nails It, And Why You Wont Hear me Say “Linkbait” Again

And that, is why you wont here me say “linkbait” on this blog anymore. A term invented way back in 2004 to describe really cool, linkable content has become synonymous with “dirty tactics” — bugger that, time to kill this term dead. Well said Loren.

Amazing that Community Members Will Invent their own Badges!

With partners about to be turned off, it’s amazing that at least one Performancing member would want to show his support for the community regardless and modify our house ads to display a kind of “community badge” — See the right hand side near the top on the link above. Thanks Kirk!

Why do you use Google Reader?

I’ve been reading a lot of comments in the last couple of months raving about how good Google Reader is, and how it just beats Bloglines hands down. From a professional bloggers point of view, what’s all the fuss about?