Ok so Im hooked on Google Reader

A couple of days ago I asked “why do you use Google Reader”, I’ve been hearing that it’s improved for a long time now, and we get many referals from it here. After getting some damn good reasons for using it in that thread, i turned off Liferea, my Ubuntu/Gnome reader of chioce and decided to climb the learning curve of GReader.

Im very, very glad I did. Thankyou to all who helped get me on track in that thread.

Google Reader is without doubt, the fastest, most useful hosted RSS reader for the professional blogger in existence. It makes Bloglines look rather kludgy and dated.

If you’ve not tried it recently, i highly recommend you do so!

6 thoughts on “Ok so Im hooked on Google Reader

  1. I still like bookmark style feed management. (You can create folder and move feeds). I use Sage Firefox extension or thunderbird style Three-pan reader. I keep them in sync with Foxmarks Synchroniser. Still find all feed reader incomplete and missing customization; Both online and offline.

  2. Fergus:
    I think you’re right that the issue of reappearing posts is down to the original site. Bloglines is pretty swift to track updates. Sometimes that results in quick typo corrections being flagged as updated posts. It’s made me totally paranoid about making corrections but in the end, my aversion to bad spelling always wins out.

    Can you import feeds into GReader from Bloglines? I am too lazy to spend half a day manually copy-and-pasting

  3. I tried it a few eeks ago and I thought it was awesome, but Firefox started crashing my iBook at the same time. I stopped using Reader and the crashes stopped. I didn’t investigate further so post hoc ergo propter hoc may apply.

  4. Google Reader keeps getting better and better, the interface is responsive and intuitive, particularly to those who use GMail too. I ahven’t used bloglines for a long time now, GReader has my vote!

    I agree that it would be nice to see the number of readers a feed has too.

  5. Am I really the only one in the world who prefers Bloglines to G-Reader ? I use both but am gradually migrating to Bloglines. The major reason is – yes – speed: I find with G-reader that there are too often delays in getting the list of updated feeds displayed and in displaying a selected feed. A secondary reason, but important, is that too often articles which have been read refuse to disappear. (Indeed, some return after disappearing, but this happens with Bloglines too, and I assume is an issue at the origin. Mind you, I seem to find it more with my Google feeds). Thirdly, I like to see how many readers a feed has. OTOH, scrolling is easier with Google.

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