Where’s the WTF’ing RSS?

I’ll be the first to admit that maybe I just don’t get Technorati’s WTF, Im still trying to work out what the purpose is and whether it’s really useful, but one thing I did notice, is that there is no rss feed!

If im understanding this right, it’s popular topics at Technorati anotated by the community to “explain the buzz” — and if that’s right, then why can’t I get this in Google Reader?

Do tell…

4 thoughts on “Where’s the WTF’ing RSS?

  1. It reminds me of a scaled down version of the BBC’s HG2TG – a place where people define various subjects but, in this case it’s more of a promotional tool than an actual directory. I have no idea why they have neglected to add a feed, possibly an undersight, although that seems unlikely.

  2. So where’s your rss feed for comments Nick?

    I know you have the ‘Track Discussions’ feature, but I’m a big comments rss subscriber.

    An rss feed of tracked discussions would be sweet!

    Caaaaarn (that’s Australian for “please”)!

  3. Sifrey does not need to write his own copy. I read 5 paragraphs and still had no idea what the point of the thing is.

  4. The only thing that comes to mind – and it’s just an off-the-top little theory of mine, mind you – is that the Technorati gang are desperate to draw sticky traffic to their site. People who stop, write, add value (content) and visit multiple pages, instead of going in to run a quick tag search, and clicking away… Can’t think of any other earthly reason why they’d have neglected to add a feed. WTF, indeed!

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