Update on Performancing Partners Network Progress

I keep putting off posting on this as every day I think “yep, we’ll launch tomorrow for sure…” and as I’ve never been a great timekeeper, and a terminal optimist to boot, the days have just slipped by havn’t they? Sorry about that everyone, Im pretty sure the Perf community will forgive us our silence just a little while longer right?

We will get this network out the door, if it kills me we’ll get this beast done dammit heh…

My best guess on time right now is publishers tomorrow, advertisers a few days later, but don’t hold your breath. Even if I do say so myself (modesty is a virtue I do not possess), it’s ‘ing awesome, and you’re gonna love it — so much has gone into making Partners everything we as bloggers would want from an ad network you know?

Anyway, back to it. Bear with us folks, we’re still here, just really really tied up with other stuff for a bit…


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7 thoughts on “Update on Performancing Partners Network Progress

  1. Nick, any chance of a configuration feature that lets me put X ads per row? For example, if I pick 4 ads, I may want them in a 2×2 grid instead of a 1×4 vertical vector. Nice but not necessary. You could even default to 1x or 2x wide, to make the coding simple, as few people will want 3x wide.

  2. It will come out when it will come out. No point in rushing things. What is the main market for this?

  3. The’ll be afew diff price things You’ll be able to edit your price for a start, but also to do “smart pricing”, which will mean we continually tune it via algo

    details to follow, but that stuff just isnt on the live site yet

  4. It’s been fun watching the pages and interface evolve over time – I find myself checking how things change each day. Happy to keep waiting for a good product!

    My one concern is the price lockin – many blogs with lower traffic have fairly low price points. We all hope our blogs take off someday and a few might. if they do – you risk someone locking in ad space for a long time. Was wondering if there was a thought to place an upper limit on the lockin, i.e. pricing may adjust every 12 months or something.

    Either way – looking forward to the launch!

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