Congratulations to our friends at b5media!

Breaking radio silence while we rush to get Partners out the door, congratulations to Darren, Jeremy, Duncan and crew for successfully rasing $2M in funding for their growing network!

b5 and performancing started at around the same time and have long been friends so it’s really cool to see them making this kind of progress — im not sure why they’d need the money, but I hope they put it to good use and go on to even greater things!

Congratulatins guys…

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4 thoughts on “Congratulations to our friends at b5media!

  1. Jeremy Wright, whom I claim as a personal friend (and I hope the feeling is mutual), is more than deserving of all the VC funding he can get. He is a guy who proved blogging and business go together and has been at it for the long-haul. B5 is a great network…well-conceived with experienced industry players (i.e., bloggers) at the helm. Congrats Jeremy!

  2. FYI – I just posted an interview I did last night with the CEO, Jeremy. It’s in audio and text. About 16 minutes.

  3. I am really pleased, B5 are a great bunch of people and are doing some really good work. Congratulations B5!

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