Server Woes

Well my LAMP server education has been short and intense over the last few days but I don’t think it is quite up to the task and the hosting company while probably better than most haven’t been much help.

I do apologise for any hassle this is causing to you and your blogs. For all our sakes I hope this is sorted soon.

Anyone here an expert on MySQL administration?


The hosting company is having another crack at putting the load balancer in place – brace yourself


Load balancer is balancing the load … anybody notice?


Hopefully I have fixed the feed. Please let me know if you find anything else broken

15 thoughts on “Server Woes

  1. Great idea but it boggles my mind just thinking about maintaining so many locations. Where the heck did he get such low prices for dedicated servers. Dedicated servers at $40 a month?

  2. How to Load Balance a Web Site on Multiple Geographic Datacenters… Cheaply! This article explains how to geographically distribute a web site for $100 or less per month, including web hosting, geo-ip services, and DNS services.

  3. I believe so, obviously I can’t guarantee anything but I am trying my best to keep everything running and fingers crossed ..

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