Planning Your Blogging Year Ahead

This time of year is perfect for looking back and looking forwards. Most blogs have a bit of a lull around about now due to your audience being overstuffed with rich stodgy foods and over indulging in festive spirit. Take advantage and get ahead. Blogs and seasonality Blogs are strange beasts. On the one hand […]

Choosing A Perfect Blog Name

Choosing a name for your blog is like choosing a name for a child, choose carefully. How do you go about selecting the perfect name? Names are tricky, along with choosing your niche a name can be one of the harder initial decisions. Surprisingly hard. When you do find a name that you like then […]

Why You Don’t Rank and What to Do About it

If you are looking at your analytics and wondering why you don’t get any search traffic, or looking at search results wondering why you are nowhere to be found, then read on. There are fundamental reasons why one site ranks and another doesn’t, and sorry but it takes either effort or money to put right. […]

Are Bloggers Opinionated?

I have a theory that bloggers are more opinionated than the average person. Think this might be true? Who else wants to put their thoughts out there for all the world to see? Who else wants to comment on other peoples thoughts? Snarky or kind, we like to link, quote and critique each other. Who […]

Who Else Wants to be a Six Figure Video Creator?

Could you make a living out of creating how-to videos? According to New York Times, people are: Many of the clips have been played hundreds of thousands of times, turning Mr. Kedersha into the top earner on Metacafe, a video-sharing Web site that pays the makers of popular videos. In little more than a year, […]

Why Bloggers Should Also Be Photographers

Just like Raj, I also have a fondness for looking at the world through a camera lens. It’s my therapy, and it gets me thinking about things other than work and stress. Today I realized there is another benefit. I hardly ever have to rely on stock photographs! I have been putting together little banners […]

Hanging in There

Today started bad and only got worse. It’s days like these that make me want to escape to a log cabin in the mountains somewhere far away. Ever feel like that? It started with me feeling nauseous and only got worse with me making someone angry, which then made me feel physically sick. This isn’t […]

The Blog Platform War – Not Over Yet?

I while ago I wrote a long series of blog software reviews here for performancing. Time has flown, as it does, and I was wondering if the same sorts of results would be found now as then. Back then Drupal and WordPress came out strong. There were also a good number of well known and […]