Are Bloggers Opinionated?

I have a theory that bloggers are more opinionated than the average person. Think this might be true?

  • Who else wants to put their thoughts out there for all the world to see?
  • Who else wants to comment on other peoples thoughts?
  • Snarky or kind, we like to link, quote and critique each other. Who else does that?

Of course in normal day to day life people advise, opine, gossip, bitch and moan, but bloggers do it online and try to draw attention to it.

What do you think? Is there a blogging gene that sets us apart? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Are Bloggers Opinionated?

  1. Hmmm. Yeah – if they’re videoblogging/vlogging/vodcasting as opposed to producing web video – I think so

  2. Raj, are video bloggers even more so or are they class clowns with better equipment?

  3. Well yeah, of course!!

    Read what Jonathan Morrow wrote at Copyblogger about who makes the better blogger: valedictorian or class clown. Class clown, he says. I agree, b/c class clowns have a need to be noticed. Same with bloggers, and probably most writers in general. We have a need for our words to be appreciated. But the bloggers who do it only for money are a different breed with no passion in their writing. (Gawd, I’m opinionated.)

  4. What about us bloggers who also twitter? Not only are we opinionated, we share a running commentary all day long with hundreds/thousands — and those misc 140 char are posted & indexed for all the world to see, (theoretically) forever. What will my grandchildren think of my tweets?

  5. > but bloggers do it online and try to draw attention to it.

    Not only that; the content is also archived and available 7/24 which will not only make the blogger opinionated but transfer him/her into a valuable online publisher (hopefully). Sustainability is the thing I am trying to achieve all the time.

  6. It must be true. I think I have the gene.

    We obviously like to write and, most of the time, watch our spelling and grammar unlike those on instant messaging. We are kinder that IM’ers. However, we still get our message across.

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