Why Bloggers Should Also Be Photographers

CameraJust like Raj, I also have a fondness for looking at the world through a camera lens. It’s my therapy, and it gets me thinking about things other than work and stress.

Today I realized there is another benefit. I hardly ever have to rely on stock photographs!

I have been putting together little banners to funnel traffic to key parts of sites, for example these for credit cards. Even though the topics are diverse I managed to pull solutions out of my existing picture collection.

Ok, my photographs are hardly Ansel Adams quality, but for banners and blog post illustrations I think they suffice. Crestock has a daily free photograph, plus I have a account stuffed with credits that I have yet to touch. Even so, very often I turn to my own Flickr account before I think of using iStockPhoto or Crestock.

From looking at my Flickr friends, I think there is quite a crossover between photographers and bloggers.

Are you a blogger that also likes photography? Let’s see how many of us there are šŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Why Bloggers Should Also Be Photographers

  1. I actually loved photography and blogging, Since I got a DSLR my blog is full of photographs. It. Photographs improve the content quality of my blog.

  2. Less eye strain, certainly, and moment bid for those snap SU votes, yet they compliment as substance as well. Pictures set the temperament, words fill in the subtle elements.

  3. > Oh, if anyone is thinking of pursuing photography as a sideline to blogging

    All networking tips working for bloggers also apply for photographers.
    The big plus in the photography ‘scene’ is the high degree of professional service offerings (read: no freebies!) i.e. the photo agencies do offer good marketing services by bringing pictures to the clients. Finding the right agency or agencies is the game to play when somebody wants to create an income from photography.

    There are only very few blogs which really cover the inside informations about how to syndicate photos through the right channels. Instead there are many blogs which just replace all the standard blogging tips with good looking ‘make money with your photos’ tips.

  4. Okay, I’ll admit I disliked having to make the chemical brews. But being a gadget-head, I liked working with darkroom equipment.

    I suppose the work on an enlarger could be compared to cropping in Photoshop. (Gasp!)

  5. > I still miss being in the darkroom, waiting with anticipation to see what the negatives reveal.

    Definitely not for me. All those hours in the evening and in the night. No I am really glad that those times are over. If you have to spend like two to five hours a day extra in the darkroom you will start to hate the darkroom.

    I was so lucky when I could afford to pay a lab to do all the work for me. Just drop off the film rolls and return two hours later to check the results was perfect.

    Well, that very special lab with the all nice girls and the hot coffee is closed now…

  6. What Markus said, but despite the convenience, I still miss being in the darkroom, waiting with anticipation to see what the negatives reveal. With digital photography, there doesn’t seem to be the same level of anticipation. But it’s great b/c you can quickly snap off some pics if you’re in need.

  7. For me it is easy to say so as I was a photographer before the Internet started at all

    And digital photography and digital publishing have been a real push for me.

  8. I started publishing a daily photo in November. My traffic has increased dramatically. I’ve gotten requests for my photography for magazines and books and it has dramatically increased my exposure.

    I think my photography has really set my site apart from other sites in my niche.

  9. I take a few photos here and there but when I needed to create a header for my new site recently it didn’t occur to me to look through my own collection. I searched on the net for ages and it wasn’t until I was browsing some of my photos for something else that it came to me.

    I was just thinking this morning, I have the tools so why not use them more often!

    Thanks for the post.

  10. Less eye strain, definitely, and instant appeal for those snap SU votes, but they compliment as content too. Pictures set the mood, words fill in the details.

  11. Exactly. I think the average person likes to see images/ illustrations with text, not just because of visual appeal, but also for breaking up the density of text. (Less eye strain?)

  12. In the long run, blogger would become a photographer also. Photographs are one of the inputs to improve the content quality in blogs.

  13. I am a blogger who also loves to indulge in photography. My favorite purchase last year was my Nikon D40 that I used during our trip to France.

    Like you, I’m finding more and more that I can pull images from my own collection to use in illustrating a point in a blog post, as opposed to having to search Google Images for a suitable photo.

    Great post subject. Thanks for allowing me to comment.

  14. I’m not only a big believer in the idea that bloggers should be able to take their own photographs, I’m also set on convincing writers of all sorts that they should be able to take the photos that go with their stories. Whether a person is writing for a blog or for a far different kind of publication, a writer is going to know what image will most closely match their words ā€” and it’s up to him or her to find that image.

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