Partners Network CPA Ads are Online!

We’ve just finished inputing the promised first round of CPA (cost per action) ads into the beta “Network Ads” program to backfill unsold ad space across the Partners network.

Right now they are very broad in topic, as this is simply a test (but a test with the aim of making you money..), but presuming all goes to plan, we’ll roll out more creatives and more specific targeting in coming days.

The ads are geo targeted, so if you’re outside of the US, you may not see too much, but visitors in the US will see ads targeted to them. Again this is something we hope to work on if the beta test goes good.

I have to pop out, but do leave your comments and i’ll answer any questions when i get back in a few hours.

37 thoughts on “Partners Network CPA Ads are Online!

  1. I totally understand the need for Perfomancing to put up the advert network. And I think essentially it is a great idea.

    Unfortunately a few things have made me remove the adverts from the three blogs that I placed as participation.

    1. When applying, I seem to remember a question as to how many adverts I wanted. I left it at the default five. Now I cannot find an option to change it.

    2. The adverts are simply too .. too .. too. Animation for my blogs is out. I am not an affiliate blog, nor do I want five adverts winging at eyeballs. MHO, get ride of the animation or at least offer with and without.

    3. Please do not just place adverts up. Some people may want this. This is not good for my blog. If advertisers can choose which Blog to publish to, so should the publishers be able to choose what adverts they want to show up.

    4. I know this whole thing in its infancy. But sorry to say, until you get the “kinks” worked out, and until I can choose at least, the number and what is going up in each of my blogs, the way it stands now – it just does not work with my blogs.

    I really wish you guys all the success in the world. And hope I get an email soon that the “kinks” are worked out.


  2. “I’d just prefer to be able to revert to the original default advertising (i.e. for performancing) as an opt-out option, rather than having to opt-out entirely”

    The opt-out for network ads ONLY affects CPA advertising, doesn’t affect anything else – you still can get regular advertisers

  3. There’s nothing complicated about it. In fact, providing a toggle on/off is far more tricky.

  4. .. is better.

    “I think it would, and unless im missing something it wouldnt be that hard to try out…”


    Perhaps this is a bit, well, old-skool – but wouldn’t an on/ off button for the CPA advertising, or an ability to ‘toggle’ which CPA ads are acceptable, per user, be a far simpler and more elegant option?

    I know – it’s not using the Zen art of tags and complex code to handle them – but surely it has some merit?

    Just a thought,


  5. I’m pleased that the CPA stuff is working out.

    Can we get some control over them now, since it’s pretty evident the whole thing works? I’m sure they’re converting well – I appear to have alternating advertising for singles and dating services.

    That’s great – again it’s good to see the system works as intended and obviously they’ll do well, as they tie in to an online growth market. But not everyone wants singles and dating advertising plastered on their website – I sure as heck don’t.

    I’d just prefer to be able to revert to the original default advertising (i.e. for performancing) as an opt-out option, rather than having to opt-out entirely (which stops any potential future genuine advertising come along).

  6. thanks Nick for reply.

    i dun think i will opting out but to wait until the target advertising is up. how ever this morning i realized that the Network Ads is gone, probably the tagging system is working?

  7. I don’t mind helping in terms of a brief test. It’s just that the selected ads could have been targeted or could have been more innocuous. These are pretty bad – credit cards and dating? The blockbuster one is ok – hey everyone likes a good movie – even on religion blogs.

    Is there an expected date for more targeted ads. I’ll have to opt-out until then… Sorry.

  8. That sounds like the way to go Nick. Good idea. I’ve got three ads dancing on my blog and I sent up a short post to explain to my readers that this was only a beta test and I am unable to pick and choose the ad content yet. I also put your latest post as an excerpt so anybody interested could go to the source. I find it wise to keep up with events on anything that I’ve opted into and because of this I was ready when you did your first “push”.

    I think the tagging system would probably work best since it would allow members to better tailor the ads to the subject matter of their blog.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. Nick .. you’ve got the best tag to start with – the categories that we individually selected our blogs to be represented in. Extra tagging doesn’t make sense to me. If anything, make better and have more categories that gets a better variety of categories that is a little more specific than “House and Home”. I’m not sure if that adequately describes my PET blog.

  10. Just an idle thought on a friday night guys, but would being able to tag your blogs, and have us tag ads, and then matching the tagged ads to the tags on your blogs provide a little more control AND tighter targeting?

    I think it would, and unless im missing something it wouldnt be that hard to try out…


  11. Hello Nick – I do not intend to get into an argument with you but all I’m saying is that you could have even done the other way around. Instead of opting in all the publishers by default, you could have requested them to opt-in.
    Please do not assume that everyone checks the email/blog posts as and when they are sent/published. We’ve our own priorities. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Thanks anyways for letting me know about the mail.

  12. Much as it pains me to even have to worry about it, we are indeed compatible with GOOG’s terms and conditions.

    Partners ads are not contextual.

  13. Is It Allowed by Google Adsense to have Performancing Ads too?will my google adsense not be disabled/banned if i put performancing ads too?They have a no compete clause(google).anyone here who also uses adsense? what’s the word from Google?

  14. It would be great to at a minimum be able to say you don’t want any animated ads. Of course, approving each ad would be ideal, but possibly that’s not an easy short-term option 😉

  15. You didnt see the two blog posts or get the email sent to all members with instructions on how to opt-out?

    That’s a shame.


    Yes, that’s the plan. We’re hoping to not only get more creatives into the system, but to more specifically target them, as well as ‘weight’ the best performing ones…

    It’s early days yet, but the feedback is great, and much appreciated!

  16. Seriously, the person at Performancing who thought that they can include all publishers by default into this program must have been out of his minds. Don’t mind me being harsh but you should have had the minimum courtesy to ask the publishers if they’d like to opt-in. I was surprised to see some stupid dancing ad on my site which is highly irrelevant to the context. Above all, I do not want any ads to be shown on my site without my approval.
    I’ve opted out. With what you’ve done just lowered the respect I had for Performancing.

  17. Thanks for all the great feedback guys. It’s much appreciated.

    Funny that the singlesnet ad that some here really don’t like is the best converting ad so far

    I have changed it’s categories a little though..

  18. Well I do have to agree with many of the comment here. None of the five blinking ads on my site have anything to do with Freelance Writing and they serve more as a distraction than anything else. If we can’t find a way to tailor these to suit our blogs, I’ll probably ending up opting out as well.

  19. I only have 2 ads showing and the content per se doesn’t bother me. However, one is a flashing ad that is most annoying. It would be nice if I could say I don’t want that type of ad to appear.

    As I understand it my only options now are “all or nothing”. If that’s the case, I will opt out. This type of flashing ad really doesn’t do the advertiser service.

  20. Personally .. I think this is an awful concept .. ‘cost per acquisition’ .. with these rotating ads.

    I was confused at first to see ads on my sites this morning (since I haven’t see any interest in the past two months since I’ve signed up) .. but after re-reading that email sent the other day, and this site .. the idea seemed okay. People don’t have to commit to my sites, but if they get referrals .. I could earn money from the referral.

    But – I find it hard to believe that my readers are looking for Singles and Dates. If these are just temporary ads in the network rotation, then it is fine and I would hope that I get some ‘winner network ads’ as well as these type of ‘loser network ads’ being displayed. Having something there at least shows it is possible that someone might want to come and advertise on my site exclusively.

    The fact of the matter is that someone advertising in these network ads are benefiting from all the free advertising, and publishers should get at least some CPC benefits too .. Who’s to say that my readers only read 5 blogs, all who have the same network ad on it .. sees my ad and clicks and looks around.. then goes and read the next 3 sites with ads .. and on the 5th site clicks and buys a membership. The 5th guy gets the goose?

  21. I think I will be opting out as well until the category targetting rolls out….SinglesNet does not really fit my content very well.

  22. Its pretty disapointing to see that we only get paid IF a sale is made. Thats basically free advertising for them. It would be better if it was pay per click.
    Im sorry to say that I am one that will be opting out of the network ads.

  23. What I liked about the Performancing was the fact that only one (or a couple) would show up, not five unrelated ones!

    Is there a way to at least approve of these random ads (within a niche?). If not, I am probably going to Opt out of this.

    It’s nice that you are doing this, but one thing I would like are relevant ads (or if not, people buying it to sell to a certain audience).

  24. To disable the CPA ads, just go in your performancing “publisher” section, click on the “My Blog” tab, click “edit blog”, and select “disable cpa ads” on the bottom of the page.. (or something that looks like this).



  25. i’m agree with geeksaresexy, hopefully u guys will target the Network CPA Ads according to our category as soon as possible, coz mine got this “male seeking female” with a gal picture beside it in my ad space 🙁 may i know how to disable the Network CPA Ads? thank you!

  26. Bit of a me to post (which I hate) but the ads are showing on my two camera related blogs. Its a dating ad but least there is something showing.

    Looking forward to better targeted ads.


  27. Thanks Nick,
    the beta “Network Ads” works great!
    no problems with IE, FireFox 2 and Flock 😉


  28. There are a couple of “all categories, all countries” ads running just for now while we make sure everything is humming along nicely then we will be rolling out the category specific and geo proper.

  29. Yes, I hope you guys can target the ads to our categories, because having a “get rich quick” ad running on my blog doesn’t really please me.. and I don’t think my readers will appreciate seeing this.

    If there would be a way to select which CPA ads could run on our blog, it would be perfect.

  30. It’s great to see the network ads finally working!
    You are talking about geo-targeting to the USA, still I can see the ads in Germany. Is it geo or language related? (My browser and system are running in english)

  31. I’ve got an Ad! Is it because of the beta-network?

    I’ve been so busy the last couple of weeks, I haven’t been here at all. I’d better poke around to see what I can learn about how it works.

    But, it doesn’t really matter — it’s just wonderful to see an actual ad in that spot! Thank you.

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