Performancing to beta “Network Ads” this week

As reported by Darren over at Problogger, we’re to beta “Network Ads” next week. This is to address the challenges many publishers face in securing those all important first paid ads.

Network Ads are very simple. They’re CPA (cost per action) ads that fill your unsold ad space untill a regular advertiser wants that space for herself. Initially the creatives will be limited to around a dozen fairly “universal fit” brands/products to test the system, and help us fine-tune targeting for categories, and in some cases individual blogs in the Partners network.

How they work

  • Network Ads will appear on your site in place of “empty slots”, but below paid slots.
  • Network Ads are CPA – Cost Per Action. This means that you get paid if a reader clicks through on the ad, then buys something from the destination site
  • Much greater detail on creatives and payouts will be available next week at launch.
  • Payout is the same as for regular ads. A simple 70/30 split between publisher and Performancing.
  • Initially, ads will be “universal fit” so that we can run the brief test across the entire network — we’ve chosen the best performaning ads, but more accurate targeting will come in the next beta phase.
  • Again, initially, features will be very limited. We want to collate some data first to help us determine what kind of features we need to put in place ot help our publishers profit from this. Please bear with us for a few days…
  • There is no guarantee you will earn money. If your site is very low traffic for example, this may not work well for you. All the normal traffic building tips you can find here and at and other sites apply 🙂

How to opt-out

If you really don’t want to participate, then we’ll be sorry to hear that, but have provided an easy means for you to opt-out of the system entirely — Just go to “my blogs” and edit your blogs to say no to network ads.

Questions and comments welcomed

Though I think I’ve managed to cover most of it, if you have questions or comments they’re most welcome so please drop them in the comment box below.

Thanks everyone!

20 thoughts on “Performancing to beta “Network Ads” this week

  1. Thanks Nick, I thought you where working hard on this which I/we appreciate. Just wanted to vent my opinion to help out…

  2. A whole ton of stuff will be possible in the next week or so richard, right now though we are of course tracking, there is no front end to that, but there’s a load of work going on behind the scenes

  3. I have two questions:

    – Is there anyway to follow how many clicks where made on these ads and what they brought in revenue ?
    – Are there any plans to show all the possible ads that rotate and allow the blog owners to pick a selection. I’ve seen a dating agency appearing on my blog which I rather would not have. I would like to see some slightly relevant ads whenever possible on just the perfomancing ad.

  4. I sent you a couple of emails in recent weeks, but never heard back, so maybe you’ll be shamed into answering in this public space. My blog should be in the Entertainment or Celebrity Category, but you don’t have that category. Currently, it’s listed under “Humor,” but that’s really a misnomer and I don’t think it will get found. What about adding a Celebrity or Entertainment Category? Some of the biggest blogs on the planet are in this category.


  5. Great news and a new challange. Looking forward to some start-up. Keep up the good work. Trying it out now.

  6. I’m looking forward to seeing them run. It will be nice to start (hopefully) seeing some revenue from the ad space I’ve been donating to performancing since mid-October…

  7. Are the network ads really running in the whole network? Or just selected blogs or categories? I haven’t seen any network ads on both small blogs I am running performancing on.

  8. I wrote a piece about Performancing Partners on my main blog (listed in Partners publishers list and as a member). It might be worth taking a look. I’d appreciate any feedback on it if you get time.

    Good luck with the test. Hope all goes well.

  9. If you edit your blog in your partners account you can set how many ad slots are available

  10. Seeing as Performancing isn’t paying for clicks, and is charging a 30% ‘usage’ fee, it”s in their best interests to fill all spots.

    All though, I am not sure I want to fill all mine. I don’t expect these network ads to pay out very well. While I am willing to shell out 250 x 250 X 6 pixels of real estate for advertiser purchases, if these are just going to be running the CPA ads, I would prefer to perhaps only run 1 or 2 CPA ads, and use the remaining real estate for something else…

  11. Sounds good, I’m looking forward to having the empty slots on my blogs filled. CPA ads don’t cost anyone anything unless the visitor actually does something so I can’t see any problems with them being rolled out to the whole network and filling all empty slots (unlike CPM ads, where the advertisers might object to this).

  12. >Once that’s done, ALL things are possible..

    That sounds very encouraging.

    Will the newtork ads file *all* the available slots on a blog, or just perhaps 1 or 2?

  13. I tend to agree, but we must do the initial beta first. Once that’s done, ALL things are possible..

    I will say that im hugely confident though, and very certain that this is a positive step toward helping our partners monetize more effectively…

    in fact, i cant wait for it go live heh…

  14. Sounds good. My only thought would be that as CPA ads, unless they are very relevant to the blogs, they may not convert well at all.

    What would really be ideal is if you could let us select from a list of CPA ads which ones we wanted to run on our site. That way we could choose the ones we felt were most relevant to our own sites, raising profits for both us and you.

    You have a large enough publisher base that I suspect it would be quite profitable if you were to open a full-fledged ‘affiliate department’ to track down affiliate programs, and then make them available to run in the spare slots in Partners…

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