Some Inspirational Quotes To Keep Us Motivated

When I have a down day, I find that it is not because I am lazy or tired, but there is a lack of inspiration and motivation. I attempt to feed myself from others that have done great things before me — those that have been willing to give up the normal life to achieve […]

The Importance of Social Networking

I’m more fortunate than many bloggers in that I was able to cultivate a very successful blog. Granted, I’m not earning thousands each month with it, but it’s enough for me to hire someone to help out and also put something aside to create other blogs. With a couple of thousand visitors each day, I […]

Get Blog Networking!

Getting a blog off the ground is hard work and takes a lot of effort but believe me when I say that in the long term it is worth it. Networking with other bloggers and professionals within your niche is essential, especially for new blogs. Here’s a tip! Visit a high profile blog within your […]

3 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Networking Skills

Promoting websites online, just like in the offline world, is about finding the right people with the right resources and having them help you get the word out. By yourself, you are nowhere near as effective as when you have a network of contacts and friends working together to help you promote your new venture. […]

How Networking Helps You Get Links From Quality Blogs

In this article, I won’t talk about how to network. There are great articles out there about that subject. Here are two that have helped me. Ahmed just wrote a great article about 3 ways to immediately improve your networking skills. Also, check out Caroline Middlebrook’s 7 Ways to Connect With People in Your Niche. […]

10 Networking Tips For Non-US Bloggers

As a blogger residing in a third world country, networking opportunities are limited for me. Logistical problems mean that it is bloody hard to hop over to the US for conferences – and in many cases, us non-US bloggers are at a disadvantage in terms of real networking opportunities. However, if you’re a non-US blogger […]

Personal Networking – Remember the Forums

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN – there are many ‘new’ platforms through which we can now ‘network’ with our peers and colleagues. In theory, you can never have enough social networks, but there has to be some limiting criteria lest we get overwhelmed and end up ‘networking’ 24/7 with the work piling on our virtual desks. If […]