Furl.net Calls Diigo Home

Furl.net which is a bookmarking service announced today that they have been absorbed by Diigo.com. Diigo is a research and collaboration tool that essentially takes what Furl did and takes it to the next level. With Diigo, users can not only save bookmarks, but highlight things on webpages, add sticky notes, and all sorts of […]

SEOmoz On Canonical URL Tag

Randfish over at SEOmoz.org has a great write up including a Q&A session about the ‘canonical‘ tag that is used to tell Yahoo!, Live & Google that a URL should be treated as though it were a copy of another URL and that all of the link & content metrics the engines apply should technically […]

Create and Monetize Content Networks With Lijit

Lijit, the customized search engine company located in Boulder, CO has officially enabled users the ability to create their own content networks. These content networks function in much of the same way that the FeedBurner Networks once worked. Lijit’s Content Networks aggregate their content via RSS feeds from many individual sites into a single website […]

The Psychology Of Link Baiting

Ryan Caldwell who I think of as someone who really knows his stuff regarding human psychology and the web has published an interesting look into the psychology involved with creating link bait material. As Ryan mentions in his article and I agree, the best types of links you can get are human powered. That is, […]

pMetrics Currently Offline: Growing Pains!

Our apologies to folks who use pMetrics to track and analyze traffic. Due to a growing userbase, we recently added a new server to increase the capacity of the service. But due to some technical glitches along the way, pMetrics is currently offline and is displaying a 403 error. We’re doing our best to resolve […]

Another Google Burn Victim

Mark Ghosh who operates WeblogToolsCollection.com recently published an article that describes the terrible support experience he encountered with Google after he made the big mistake of falling for a phishing scam related to his Orkut account. After his Orkut account became compromised, he was unable to gain access to it as the flaw used by […]

Ultimate SEO Toolbar For FireFox

Those of you looking for a great SEO centric toolbar to add on to your FireFox installation are in luck. Aaron Wall, the man behind SEOBook.com released a FireFox extension called SEO Toolbar. This extension is packed full of features. After installation, you should notice an entire toolbar added to your FireFox browser which contains […]

Search Engine Optimization For Videos

We all know what SEO is, I’ve heard of SMO, but this is the first time I have heard of the term ‘VSEO‘ or Video Search Engine Optimization. Over on Jack Humphrey’s blog, Jack answers a reader question that asks what can be done to promote videos and improve their SERPS. The information is pretty […]