pMetrics Currently Offline: Growing Pains!

Our apologies to folks who use pMetrics to track and analyze traffic. Due to a growing userbase, we recently added a new server to increase the capacity of the service. But due to some technical glitches along the way, pMetrics is currently offline and is displaying a 403 error.

We’re doing our best to resolve this problem as soon as possible. It would require just a few adjustments on our end, but as things go, it might take up to a full day for things to resolve (as DNS caches around the world refresh, and all that). Please bear with us.

3 thoughts on “pMetrics Currently Offline: Growing Pains!

  1. pMetrics is back up. Unfortunately, no stats were collected during the downtime (to respond to your question, Payton).

  2. Did the statistics continue to collect during the downtime? Will they show up in our stats as they get processed?

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