Furl.net Calls Diigo Home

Furl.net which is a bookmarking service announced today that they have been absorbed by Diigo.com. Diigo is a research and collaboration tool that essentially takes what Furl did and takes it to the next level. With Diigo, users can not only save bookmarks, but highlight things on webpages, add sticky notes, and all sorts of other cool things. Here is a quote from the official announcement:

The Furl team is very pleased to announce that Furl has become part of Diigo.com. We worked hard to find Furl a home where loyal users like you could continue to benefit from best-of-breed social bookmarking and annotation tools. Hands down, Diigo.com was the winner due to its innovative approach to online research tools and knowledge sharing.

The Diigo team is dedicated to making sure you continue to get top notch features and service. They’ve got a crack team of technologists who love making research and knowledge sharing as easy and efficient as possible.

If you are a Furl user, make sure you visit this page to begin the process of exporting your data to Diigo.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see more announcements like this during the year due to the economy and most Web 2.0 startups that launched in 2007 figuring out that it takes more to succeed than just a bright idea.

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