Taking AllTop To A Personal Level

It was announced in an email on Monday sent out by Guy Kawasaki that the popular site Alltop.com would be launching version 3.0. This new version contains a slick new feature called MyAlltop that basically enables users to create their own personal collection of Alltop feeds. Each MyAlltop page that is created is public meaning all of them are shared. Each Alltop page you visit, the RSS feeds will have a plus sign in the top right corner. Clicking on this plus sign will add that particular feed to your personal Alltop page.

I can see how Alltop could be used as a simplified aggregation page for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with say Netvibes or iGoogle. I’m interested in knowing if you’ll be using MyAlltop or, if you use Alltop at all to keep tabs on specific topics?

3 thoughts on “Taking AllTop To A Personal Level

  1. Cool visit for the Tatango crew. I think there’s a lot of potential for this, it’s dead simple and opt-in only, which is great for organizations and user uptake.
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  2. Yes, I’ll be using this feature because for one, I’m a member of AllTop, or rather my blog is listed there. Second, it’s good and convenient to have one source of all good topics to read. 😉

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