Ultimate SEO Toolbar For FireFox

Those of you looking for a great SEO centric toolbar to add on to your FireFox installation are in luck. Aaron Wall, the man behind SEOBook.com released a FireFox extension called SEO Toolbar. This extension is packed full of features.

After installation, you should notice an entire toolbar added to your FireFox browser which contains at a glance icons that tell you the domains PageRank, Number of Yahoo DomainLinks, Yahoo Links, DMOZ entries, Yahoo Directory Entries, Best of the web entries, Archive.org Site Age, Compete.com Ranking, SEMRush.com Traffic Value and more.

Asides from providing numerical information, the toolbar also contains a toolset which includes a Search Engine Rank Checker, SEO XRay tool which outlines SEO specific elements on a webpage, Rank Checker, Keyword suggestion, Keyword Highlighter, No Follow Link Highlighter, and a site compare tool.

In a video published on the SEO Toolbar homepage, Aaron states that the first release of this extension will be free but he is unsure if it will stay that way forever. So if I were you, I’d grab myself a copy of this extension as it’s light weight, customizable, and essentially, an entire SEO Suite that can be used within the browser.

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16 thoughts on “Ultimate SEO Toolbar For FireFox

  1. I installed this SEO toolbar for Firefox. Although it groups nicely most of the important factors we look at nowadays, I honestly think it’s just extra. Many stats can be easily collected otherwise and too many toolbars simply make my Firefox too clattered.

  2. Thank you very much, my boss suggested me to install this tool bar and I have been using it for a long time.
    I find that it is really an effective bar when I surf on the internet.

  3. I have not used this toolbar yet. But Aaron wall is big name in the field of SEO, SEM and Web Marketing. So this toolbar is definitely worth a try.

  4. .. then I uninstalled it. I pretty much didn’t get most of the information it provides and found it too cumbersome opening new tabs all the time etc.

    I do use SEO for Firefox extension v3.0.8 and find that and my google toolbar to be sufficient for my own simple needs.

  5. We use SEO Quake for Firefox and Bruce Clay SEO Toolset for IE. I think SEO Quake is an easy to use and understand add-on, hence its popularity.

  6. Would do you mind to tell me, which is better seoquake or this seo toolbar? I have used seoquake for firefox and internet explorer. I think it is good, because the features are very complete, even comes to the result when we search on google.

  7. Looks like that could be useful, now if I could only work through 20 open tabs in firefox to do a restart and actually try it out!

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