Get Blog Networking!

Getting a blog off the ground is hard work and takes a lot of effort but believe me when I say that in the long term it is worth it. Networking with other bloggers and professionals within your niche is essential, especially for new blogs.

Here’s a tip!

Visit a high profile blog within your niche – leave comment, and give your own opinions and views on the topic. Ask questions, and make sure that you do not spam, or leave any links which are not appropriate to the topic of discussion.

The result!

I did exactly this and have a link to my blog on the likes of Conde Nast Traveller, USA Today, and other high profile blogs. Having links on authority blogs like this helps you rank better in the search engines and also drives visitors to your blog.


How many have you visited Yahoo Answers lately? I have, and I try to at least weekly. Why? Well, if someone is asking a question that I can answer, I reply, and where it asks you for a source you put your own blog.

Make sure the question is relating to your niche, and make an effort to write a concise answer. This drives traffic to your blog because as people search for the question in the search engines Yahoo Answers usually ranks quite well.

Have a great New Years Eve, and Happy New Year!

9 thoughts on “Get Blog Networking!

  1. Markus I didn’t realise you could subscribe to the RSS – great idea.

    It’s never going to be a massive traffic referral, but it all adds up.

  2. Wow! great ideas in the comments and the article. Thanks guys. Something I like to do is whenever I register at a webforum my ‘location’ is my website!

  3. Going to Yahoo Answers is a great idea. A similar tactic is visiting forums and seeing what questions people are asking.

  4. I did an experiment with my no-traffic personal blog recently, commenting on a wide variety of blogs on all different topics. I have to say, the results were disappointing – no more than 12 visitors per day from something like 10 quality comments.

    I could have spent that time writing good content.

    The Yahoo Answers idea is a good one – cruise your topic area and find out what questions people are asking, then write the answers as posts on your blog. You’ll be creating useful content *and* you can link to yourself as a resource on Answers.

  5. well i have been doing a few of these especially yahoo answers works.

    ALso would like to add, if you want quality traffic and good exposure, list your links in proper manner in wikipidea,
    my blog has two links in wikipedia with niche being LINUX, and i am getting nearly 15-20 visitors curtsy wikipedia – my personal site – My personal Blog.

  6. No problem Mikey, glad I could help.

    I’m quite surprised, the first two blog posts are up on the homepage! πŸ˜€

  7. Thanks for that tip. I’ve just started out on the road to trying to attract and keep readers for my new blog The Attention Project. And this is the hardest part – trying to attract people in the first instance to come and read what you have to say.

    So I guess this comment accomplishes the first tip in your post “visit a high profile blog within your niche – leave comment” and I’ll definitely check out Yahoo answers.

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