EarnersTalk – New Community To Discuss Monetization

David Peralty who has a few guest posts under his belt here at Performancing.com has launched a new community of his called EarnersTalk. EarnersTalk.com is a community forum focused on you guessed it, earning money. The first thing you’ll notice upon visiting the forum is how great the design looks. I don’t think you can […]

Want To Be A Community Manager?

If so, you need to read Deb Ng’s post on Kommein.com entitled The Pros And Cons Of Being an Online Community Manager. In this article, Deb weighs in on the positive and negatives associated with being the star of your community. One thing, I’ve always wanted in my online adventure is to be the leader […]

Have You Mentioned Skittles Enough Lately?

Skittles is running a crazy marketing campaign right now, and it involves Twitter. Do click the Skittles link, and you won’t be led to a regular candy-colored website (although you’ll get a few candy-colored floating objects). Instead, you’ll see a Twitter search results page on just about any post that mentions Skittles, refreshing every few […]

The Saturation of Top Tens and Lists

There is a men’s magazine I enjoy reading, and I’m sure you’re all familiar with it: Esquire. It has been around since 1933 and apart from having some of the best cover designs in the print industry today, by no fail I anticipate a particular feature that they regularly run — their lists. Be it […]

Are You One Of The Select Few?

Here on Performancing and on various other blogs about blogging, the idea of making a good living from blogging has been described as fiction more than fact. Not to say that it isn’t possible however, the chances of it happening are not good. ReadWriteWeb published the results of their own survey today in which they […]

Community Members Site Up For Sale

Those of you who participate in the Hive forum may know her as Katyinlasvegas. She is the one behind the domain, http://www.imbloggingthat.com Well, word has come around that she has put the domain up for sale and is currently looking for buyers. The domain has a pagerank of 4 and an Alexa Rank of 81,319. […]

Best Coverage Of Hurricane Ike

Twitter is great because sometimes, you come across some real cool gems in the form of links that people have shared. This one is no exception. It’s called LiveNewsCameras.com. Over the past half hour, I’ve been following the progress of Hurricane IKE thanks to live coverage from a number of local media stations that have […]

Forum Tips From The Community

A few days ago, DavidG who is a member of the Hive community announced the launch of his new forum, http://www.eatingbritain.com/forum/. During the discussion related to forums, David showcased some of his stats for previous discussion boards that he had managed to sell and it was obvious that the man knew what he was doing. […]

Controversy—Fast Results with, Potentially, Big Consequences

Controversy is a tactic bloggers use to generate a buzz about their blog. Think of it like getting into a fight with your sibling or best friend, but within the blogosphere, everyone can read how you approached the situation. You could generate controversy aimed towards an important or noticeable topic, but you could also create […]

Google Analytics is Porn

… at least according to stumbleupon. For those of you who hadn’t heard of this issue before, there is this widespread problem with StumbleUpon where millions of web pages are mistakenly labeled as “pornography” – and while they do have a form that you can fill out to notify them about mistakes, I’ve never once […]