Want To Be A Community Manager?

If so, you need to read Deb Ng’s post on Kommein.com entitled The Pros And Cons Of Being an Online Community Manager. In this article, Deb weighs in on the positive and negatives associated with being the star of your community. One thing, I’ve always wanted in my online adventure is to be the leader of a community. A place to call my own. With WPTavern.com I have finally accomplished one of my goals. I have to admit though, being a community manager is tough work.

You have to be available 24/7, need to be REALLY passionate about whatever your community is centered around, and last but not least you need to be a leader not a follower. At the end of the day though, being a community manager and having one of your own is worth its weight in gold. It’s a great feeling to know that I have a place on the web where I can hang out with like minded people to talk about the software I’m most passionate about.

So without weighing on the negatives, I’d like for you to tell me if you have a loyal community and if you do, how hard has it been for you to be the community manager?

2 thoughts on “Want To Be A Community Manager?

  1. Thank you for mentioning my post. COmmunity management is a dream job, though it has its ups and downs. I think some folks feel it’s all Twitter and Facebook but it’s so much more than that.

    And yes, I have a very loyal community both with Freelance Writing Jobs and BlogTalkRadio. I wouldn’t trade what I do for anything in the world because the people in my community make it so worth it!

  2. I would love a community manager job. I’m awake all the time anyway, love hanging out online, and love solving problems. Any communities out there need a manager? I’m available! 😛

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