Six Ways to Build a Core Group of Fans to Start Community on Your Blog

A hit on digg, reddit, or any of the vote-em-up sites, will bring traffic, but that traffic is worse than fickle. Most such visitors click in and out faster than we can measure. They don’t stop to read. They don’t look around. Some don’t stop even to glimpse or gander. A great blog builds traffic […]

Amazing that Community Members Will Invent their own Badges!

With partners about to be turned off, it’s amazing that at least one Performancing member would want to show his support for the community regardless and modify our house ads to display a kind of “community badge” — See the right hand side near the top on the link above. Thanks Kirk!

Is Your Community Legal? Xanga Fined For Under Age Users

If you run a community one of the tricky tightropes to walk is that of data protection and privacy. All to often communities fall foul of this, finding out their seemingly industry standard approach has dropped them in hot water, as Xanga found out. Check out the story at, a rival to the […]

Is the Digg Community Its Own Worst Enemy?

In all online communities there is a point, somewhere north of “critical mass” that marks a transition from benevolent community fluffiness to evil dictatorship in the eyes of a voiciferous minority of it’s top contributors. I think Digg may have reached that point if the rant, and subsequent uproar of it’s former top users leaving […]

Obsessing Over Numbers

Stats, numbers, high scores, weight lifting, golf handicap … the number doesn’t matter, it’s how well you improve. I am hesitant to link to the post that inspired me to write this. Unfortunately the original thread is one of those name-calling-mud-slinging-blog-punch-ups that do nobody any good, least of all the readers. Inside the comments though […]

Public Speaking Nightmares

It’s been one hell of a trip to SES NY. Apart from it just being a damn long way from rural Denmark, I had a “interesting” time speaking on Tagging during a session with Andy Hagans and Jeff Watts. I’ve not spoken publically for some years, and the day just didnt start well when i […]

Tracking Conversations

One of the frustrating things about blogs as “distributed conversation” is keeping track of places where you have commented. People often reply but you never see their answers because you forget or lose where you have commented. There are a couple of low-tech ways of dealing with this and a new service that aims to […]