EarnersTalk – New Community To Discuss Monetization

David Peralty who has a few guest posts under his belt here at Performancing.com has launched a new community of his called EarnersTalk. EarnersTalk.com is a community forum focused on you guessed it, earning money. The first thing you’ll notice upon visiting the forum is how great the design looks. I don’t think you can go wrong with a vanilla, blue and green color scheme. Everything from Display Advertising to Pay Per Click to SEO is covered on the forum.

There is even a marketplace where you can sell websites, domain names, or offer services to the community. I’ve recently become a member of the forum and I know that with Davids experience, I’m betting I’ll learn a thing a to concerning monetization as I don’t want to make the same mistakes he did.

David has told me that he has big plans for the site so if you get the chance, head on over and register your account. Lets help each other make some coin in this bootstrap economy.

7 thoughts on “EarnersTalk – New Community To Discuss Monetization

  1. Thanx Jeff, for posting this very useful piece of information here. I was actually looking for something like this to discuss some stuff about my websites etc and it is definitely going to help me out. Thanx again, keep on posting such good stuff.

  2. I think the design is good, and appreciate what the forum is about, there are not enough forums discussing these topics where the help is good help. I welcome a new one, I think he needs to do some good promotion to get a good following and people posting useful questions and answers.

  3. I just finished browsing the Forum and I love it! Everything is all here..from starting up a business, optimization, advertising it online and a lots more…Such a Great Forum..Thanks Jeff

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