How to Make Money From Your Travel Blog

Travel blogging generally seems to be considered as a dream job by many. Images of awesomely tanned people with sunglasses pushed up their foreheads, backpacks ready to go, and all sorts of exotic adventures – who wouldn’t want to have a job that involves all that and more? In reality, however, travel blogging may not […]

2010 Reminder: Test the Monetization of Your Blog

Monetization can get lost in all the blogging activities we have to juggle. Let’s face it, there’s a lot that goes into blogging. Content, marketing, and building relationships take up a lot of our time and it can be easy to forget about monetization. But if you want to make money with your blog, you […]

Making money with Amazon even if you miss the direct sale

Until recently, I’d almost given up on being an Amazon affiliate. It wasn’t necessarily hard to get people to click on links but they rarely seemed to buy what I was offering them. However, times have changed. I can’t think of any of my family, friends or acquaintances that isn’t aware of the Amazon brand […]