Learning To Take The High Road

Lorelle Van Fossen at the BlogHerald has published a post discussing how to prepare yourself for the blog bullies. Her article strikes close to home with me because at one point, I had to deal with a blog bully myself. Here’s what happened. My Experience Back when I was producing my weekly podcast called WordPress […]

Performancing Stream of Consciousness – Mon Apr 28, 2008

Some reading for today, and my occasional commentary: Jonathan Bailey has an indepth article at Blog Herald about orphan works legislation, copyright, how bloggers and illustrators/ photographers could be affected, as well as what you can do about it. Steve Imparl, a lawyer and writer/ blogger, has a guest post at Daily Blog Tips that […]

Is This Linkbait?

Regular readers of Perfomancing probably already known what linkbait is: an article that for some reason generates loads of traffic social media sites and backlinks from other websites. Linkbait can arguably be divided into two categories: (1) useful and (2) novel/ interesting. Sometimes linkbait is both. Seth Godin gives a nutshell, positive definition of linkbait […]

6 Easy Ways To Get Eaten By the GOOG Monster

This article is for informational purposes only. Being eaten by the GOOG monster is not something that you want to try at home. Please leave the handling of the GOOG monster to trained experts. The GOOG Monster is a voracious beast that likes to prey on both the guilty and the innocent. The key to […]

SEO: Reciprocal links are NOT dead

I just received the Search Engine Facts newsletter in my mail which comes with a very nice guest article from Stoney deGeyter (Pole Position Marketing). I have no idea what polepositionmarketing.com is good for but the guest article is a nice call for ongoing action in the link love section of SEO. Reciprocal links are […]

Why Use Article Directories?

Fact: you need backlinks to your blog/ site, but link exchanges have little value PR-wise (pagerank). So what can you do instead? Here are a few ideas in brief: Syndication through guest blogging. Syndication by having a blog conversation with other bloggers, which Liz Strauss talks about and does a lot on her Successful-Blog. Inducement […]

5 Yahoo Search Hacks

Quite some time back I wrote about Google Search Hacks that you could use to check the health of your blog. I promised at the time to look at Yahoo hacks but never got around to it. Well, lets put that straight now shall we? Here’s a short list of some of the more fun […]

Gettin’ Creative

I’m usually all numbers and Adsense and affiliate links yada yada yada, if you haven’t figured it out by now (and some people have) let me spell it out for you: I’m not very creative. But Perfomancing member Cigar Jack is. I’ve put together a flyer that says “You’ve Been Jacked” and sending it out […]