Has Digg Been Buried?

As Facebook and Twitter continue to grow in popularity, social bookmarking sites like Digg have seen their own traffic and usage wane.  The question of late has been whether or not a site like Digg is still relevant.  It’s not a secret that for years Digg has been the subject of controversy as users complained […]

How To Breathe Life Into an Inactive Forum?

In my opinion, a forum is one of the best ways to build and manage communities online. Truth be told, I’ve actually found myself to have been addicted to forums at certain points in my life. I’ve actually made real life friends and business contacts from the various forums I’ve been a member of. These […]

How To Say No To A Friend

Skelliewag has a great post on one way to politely tell your friends no There is a way to turn the experience into a positive for both people. Next time you have to say ‘No’, recommend someone else to help. Make this someone you know online (or offline) or someone you would like to get […]

Social Networks Of The Future

Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips posed an interesting question today. Will Websites be the Social Networks of the Future? Daniel makes three assumptions. The first is that most people will need or want an online presence in the future. I believe this to be a no brainer. At some point, people will NEED to […]

Taking AllTop To A Personal Level

It was announced in an email on Monday sent out by Guy Kawasaki that the popular site Alltop.com would be launching version 3.0. This new version contains a slick new feature called MyAlltop that basically enables users to create their own personal collection of Alltop feeds. Each MyAlltop page that is created is public meaning […]

Replace Donate Button With A Wishlist

I don’t link to him often but Jeremy Schoemaker a.k.a. Shoemoney had an interesting topic today in that, perhaps you should replace the “Donate!” button on your site with an Amazon Wishlist! instead. His opinion is that, the donate button with a set amount or one of those buy me a coffee buttons which is […]

Can You Relate?

As I was watching the stream of information pass through my Twitter client, I noticed a particular Tweet that resonated with me. It goes as follows: definetheline: The weekend used to mean ‘no work’. Now it means ‘stop working on the things you don’t want to do, and work on the things you want to […]