How To Say No To A Friend

Skelliewag has a great post on one way to politely tell your friends no

There is a way to turn the experience into a positive for both people. Next time you have to say ‘No’, recommend someone else to help.

Make this someone you know online (or offline) or someone you would like to get to know. Not only are you giving the person a helpful recommendation, you’re potentially sending a new client (or reader, or viewer) someone’s way.

Not only does this make perfect business sense, but it’s a great opportunity to network with people as well.

2 thoughts on “How To Say No To A Friend

  1. So, next time someone asks me for a link exchange on the home page with their PR 0 site, should I refer them to you? :p
    Yea you are rite, abruptly saying NO is not a good practice, when someone says NO to me just like that I also don’t like it.

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