Replace Donate Button With A Wishlist

I don’t link to him often but Jeremy Schoemaker a.k.a. Shoemoney had an interesting topic today in that, perhaps you should replace the “Donate!” button on your site with an Amazon Wishlist! instead. His opinion is that, the donate button with a set amount or one of those buy me a coffee buttons which is practically the same thing doesn’t really allow for someone to give back. While it might feel great donating a couple bucks to someone, personally, I’d feel great if someone were to purchase a product for me that I either want, or need.

I’ve donated some cash here and there to WordPress plugin authors but I don’t do it very much. Have you? Would you rather see a list of items that the person needs or wants and simply buy one of those? How has the donate button performed on your own site?

2 thoughts on “Replace Donate Button With A Wishlist

  1. The donate button worked in my case as opposed to the amazon wishlist. Maybe because it is more prominent.

    Like you, I too have donated to users whose plugins I have used regularly and relied on.

  2. I have removed the donate button in my blog because it doesn’t perform well. But this idea of WISHLIST is a good thing. How about by me a PSP? That’s what i was wishing for years now.

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