Bug Tracking Enabled for Performancing Firefox

Due to the many duplicate bug reports, not to speak of the amount of bug reports which aren’t actually bugs 🙂 in our Performancing for Firefox blog editor, I’ve enabled bug tracking via the website. Bug or Feature? To submit a bug or feature request, please do a search first, then submit an issue here. […]

Performancing Firefox Update! Technorati Tags, Bug Fixes, More

Poor Jed was up till 5am getting version 1.01-beta coded, we’ve both been burning the candle at both ends for a while now, but with this release, Jed is off for a few days break over xmas, and I’ll be taking it easy too. It’s all been well worth it, you guys seem to love […]

Supporting Flock

When I announced the release of Performancing for Firefox 1.01 today, i completely forgot to mention that we now support Flock. If you’re a Flocker, you may like to give the extension a try. I know a lot of you already have, via coverter scripts, but now you can do so easily.

HOW TO: Using Performancing for Firefox

Nick keeps bugging me to blog, so here it is, direct from the PFF extension. Keeping track of all the support posts in the forums, comments made on other blogs and emails regarding PPF is not an easy task. Fortunately for me, a lot of the questions are the same, so I thought I would […]

Performancing for Firefox Gets a Blog!

Well, we have forums for questions, bug reports and support, but we need a place to post about cool things happening with the Performancing for Firefox extension. So here it is, and in the true spirit of Performancing, it’s a blog that you, Performancing members can contribute too, right from the PFF extension! It’s true […]

The Performancing Firefox Extension is Coming

As some of you may know, there is much more to Performancing than just kick-ass posts on professional blogging, monetization and design. For the most part, we’re just not at that part of the PPWD™ (Performancing Plan for World Domination) yet. But, we are very close to releasing one small but significant part of the […]

Chitika Talks to Performancing – Interview with Venkat Kolluri

I first spoke to Venkat Kolluri, CEO at Chitika when together with Alden Rosario, their CTO, they walked me though the concept of eMiniMalls early this summer. I’ll admit to liking the product, but not being overly optimistic that they’d succeed in gaining critical mass on the publisher side. Im happy to be proven wrong. […]

Performancing Stats, 2wks After Going Live

I tend not to pay huge attention to site stats with blogs, other than to the metrics that matter to me most. These tend to be RSS based (bloglines subs, etc) and the amount of visible activity i see when using the site – ie. active discussions. I was looking through some of these things […]