The Performancing Firefox Extension is Coming

As some of you may know, there is much more to Performancing than just kick-ass posts on professional blogging, monetization and design. For the most part, we’re just not at that part of the PPWD™ (Performancing Plan for World Domination) yet. But, we are very close to releasing one small but significant part of the plan. A firefox extension that will turn your blogging upside down, in a very, very good way.

Ooooh the Suspense!

No, I’m not going to give the game away just yet. We’re about a week and a half to two weeks away from release, and I’m really posting this as a bit of a “wanted ad”. We’re looking for a KICK ASS UI DESIGNER to help us get the app polished, usable and beautiful.

It’s quite a job, so we’re really looking for the best. I did try the good folks over at 37Signals but they tell me they don’t take on client work any longer, so I could really use a hand with referals, suggestions, or pitches for the gig.

If you think you can help in some way, please email [email protected]

And trust me, I’ve just seen the first GUI mockups and it’s fantistic!