Performancing for Firefox Gets a Blog!

Well, we have forums for questions, bug reports and support, but we need a place to post about cool things happening with the Performancing for Firefox extension. So here it is, and in the true spirit of Performancing, it’s a blog that you, Performancing members can contribute too, right from the PFF extension!

It’s true 🙂

Naturally, there will be some pruning. We’ll only accept posts about the PFF extension and cool things (or complaints) you’ve done with it, but it’s a simple enough thing to do from your PFF screen.

Get It Now

You can find the PFF blog posts at the Performancing for Firefox Blog, and grab the web feed from here.

Contributing to the PFF Blog

If you already have blogs in your blogs sidebar, then hit “add”, if not, launch the account wizard and fil in the details as follows:

  • Choose Movable Type Custom
  • The API url you need is
  • Enter your username and password (you’ll need to register of course)
  • Click categories, then check the box that says “Performancing for Firefox Blog”
  • You’re all set!

Posts to the blog fall under the normal guidelines of course, and we really hope you’ll enjoy this. It’s all very well us posting about PFF, but PFF is not about us, it’s about you, and we’d like YOU to post about it.

Use the forums for questions and support, and use the blog for er….. blog posts heh!

Have fun, I can’t wait to homepage the first good one 🙂

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