Working with Technorati

After a couple of days talking about PFF with members, and amongst ourselves, and gettin a TON of feedback both onsite and off, we finally got time to catch up with our friends over at Technorati today. Patrick and I had a good chat with Dave, Niall and Richard and as a result, will be working with them to include some great new functionality into Performancing for Firefox.

We wont get that into the release scheduled for this week, which is mainly to fix existing glitches, but we will almost certainly manage to get Technorati tags in place should you want them. Lots of poeple have asked for that, and we think it’s a good idea too.

So, T Tags by friday (with a bit of luck) and a nice page info tab on next release, courtesy of the good guys over at T – Yay!


I also managed to have breif chats with Feedburner and Mozilla today, good things are a coming..

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