Performancing Stats, 2wks After Going Live

I tend not to pay huge attention to site stats with blogs, other than to the metrics that matter to me most. These tend to be RSS based (bloglines subs, etc) and the amount of visible activity i see when using the site – ie. active discussions.

I was looking through some of these things this afternoon and thought i’d share a few interesting ones with you. We’ve been live for 2wks and 1day, and for that kind of timeframe, i think we’re doing pretty good…

Feed Stats

We use FeedBurner for feed stats, we even go to interview FB CEO Dick Costolo recently and love the service! Here’s a few stats from FeedBurner:

Feed Circulation

823 is the exact count today – yeah!

Aggregator Breakdown

No big surprises there, bloglines pulling a respectable 35%

Member / Contributor Stats

There’s a very neat Hall of Fame Module for Drupal based blogs, and you can see how our members and contributors stack up here.

Remember, when viewing those top figures on that page that we’ve been live for 2wks, but were working in stealth on this project for some time before that 🙂


We’ve had some marvellous story submissions here at Performancing since we started, and I’d personally like to encourage anyone with something worthy of the professional blogging communities attention to go right ahead and submit a story. All the details are in the link above.

Also, a big thankyou! to our existing contributors and site editors — I think they’re doing a smashing job of keeping us all interested, and sharing their expertise.

Nice work everyone!

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  1. You’ve had some great results back when you started! I’m pretty glad for you as I see you have a great blog here! The best of success to you in the future also!

    Razvan Dobre

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