Sweatin’ The Details

Last week we had a great discussion on Favicons (funny that a 16×16 pixel graphic would be the hottest discussion on Performancing thus far). But the theories behind the differing opinions were interesting: should you skip the little things, so you can spend all your time writing content, or is it OK to ‘waste’ hours (days?) making sure everything on your blog is perfect?

I have to admit, I’m in the perfectionist camp. When I read a blogger who goes that extra mile, to make you laugh, or to make the custom 404 page, or to align his sidebar to be more aesthetic, it makes an unconscious imprint on me: this is a professional, quality product.

And I’m more likely to subscribe. I’m more likely to bookmark and return. I’m even more likely to link.

Don Schenck agrees:

“It’s not worth the time, no one bothers with that.” (One of my favorites)

In that case, you must spend the time! Why … well … if no one else bothers with it, you probably just found your competitive edge! You think the clicking wheel interface on the iPod was done in a few hours? You think it matters?

The only other reason is that you don’t know how. In that case “PERFECT!” a chance to learn. Invest the time over the weekend, learn the skill, and carry it with you the rest of your life.

Do Fuss. Do Sweat The Details. The devil may be in the details, but a Divinely Good product requires attention to detail.

When it comes to your own blogs, do you favor efficiency or perfection?

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