Performancing Firefox Update! Technorati Tags, Bug Fixes, More

Poor Jed was up till 5am getting version 1.01-beta coded, we’ve both been burning the candle at both ends for a while now, but with this release, Jed is off for a few days break over xmas, and I’ll be taking it easy too. It’s all been well worth it, you guys seem to love Performancing for Firefox as much as we do, and we’ve had a lot of fun working on this.

We have big plans for next year, but for right now, we’ve released version 1.01 which adds Technorati Tags functionality, more API support of other blogging systems and fixes a host of small but annoying bugs. I’ll tell you how to update, then list the changes to this new version:

How to Update

There are 2 ways to update PFF:

  1. Click the Tools/Extensions menu item at the top of the FF browser, and then hit “check for updates” and follow the prompts
  2. Click the red, underlined link that should appear within a few minutes of opening PFF on the “drag bar” and click “install now”

You can see a screenshot of the two ways this works to the right.

Technorati Tags Are Here!

Yay! One of the more persistent requests, and one which was doable in the short timeframe we had was the addition of Technorati tags. You wont notice anything at all on upgrading, but if you hit the settings tab on the left, and then check “show extra publishing features” and optionally, the “Automatically insert technorati links on publish” you’ll find a new button next to the title field in the editor.

Click it, it’s cool 🙂

Added Blogs

We’ve managed to change the add account wizard to include some extra support. You can now setup blogs for:

  • Drupal
  • TextPattern
  • MSN Spaces
  • Blogs using the Blogger and MetaWeblog API’s

Bug Fixes

So, we’ve not managed to iron out all of them in the very short timeframe, but Jed HAS managed to do quite a lot. Here’s the list:

  • Typos
  • Improved Account Wizard
  • Typepad categories issue
  • Context menu position. Was moved down due to popular demand, and the ability to remove it entirely added to the settings
  • Added ‘publishPost’ API call to the Movable Type API
  • Changed the UA string Performancing uses when it fetches the latest headlines from our RSS on the about tab to Performancing Kicks Ass 1.01 – This was mostly done for our own amusement 🙂

There, hope you guys all enjoy that. Please use the PFF Forums to report bugs or discuss, and don’t forget, that registered users can contribute to the PFF blog right from the PFF extension!

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