Facebook Pages, Short-lived Fad or Still Useful?

Ever since Facebook launched the new design earlier this year one of the most interesting features was the new power given to Facebook Pages. Every item posted to pages showed up in fans’ news feed and I have been a fervent promoter and user of these pages, there where before I hardly ever used the […]

From Linkbait To Video Bait

Kiltak at Geeks Are Sexy won the Performancing Treasure Hunt (by a far margin, I might add – he smoked everyone else). As part of his reward, Performancing Services wrote a linkbait for his site called 12 Reasons A Geek Will Steal Your Girlfriend in 2008. While the article didn’t make it onto the front […]

Facebook: Building a nice profile page

The better title is: Building a nice Facebook profile page from your existing content with F8 applications. But that’s too long for a catchy title 🙂 Yesterday evening I logged into my Facebook account and stared at my Facebook profile page. It was pretty boring and I decided to tweak it. But the content should […]

How to Market on Facebook

If you’ve never heard of Facebook, it’s time to get your head out of the sand. Facebook is a networking site that has over 24 million active viewers. That’s 24 million people who go on that site a day. That’s 24 million people you could be offering your product or service too. If you have […]

Choose Your Friends Wisely

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their friends. The same is true of blogs, the choice of who they link to, who is on the blog roll, who their sponsors and advertisers are. What do your blogs “friends” say about you? One of my blogs has been getting far more […]