5 Basic and Yet Essential Tips to Get You Started with Blogging

So you were inspired by the self-made successful bloggers that you read daily and you want to start a blogging career? The problem is you don’t know where to start. Here are 5 simple, basic, bare and yet essential tips that will help you get started with your blogging adventure.

Blogger Appreciation Contest – Call For Nominations

Bloggers pour their heart and soul into their blogs and often get very little in return. As a whole, I think it’s safe to say that we’re an under-appreciated group who work very hard and what we do. Most of us blog for free and the only thing that keeps us going is the thrill […]

Comment Form vs. Contact Form: Do You Mistake One for the Other?

Many of the blogs I run, manage or write for contain a handy contact form for directly emailing the blog’s owner straight from the browser. For those familiar with the difference, you would know that contact forms send email directly to the blog owner or author, while comment forms will leave a message viewable by […]

Ask Performancing: Personal vs. Authoritative Voice

For our first Ask Performancing feature, we have a few opinions on the Personal vs. Authoritative voice issue, which has been discussed over at the Hive. The question is whether to use a personal voice or an authoritative voice, and in this particular case, the site in question is a community resource site that caters […]

Soccerlens 2008 Writing Competition

For the next two weeks (11th to 26th October), Soccerlens.com will be accepting new article submissions for the contest. Your entry must meet the minimum criteria. Articles will be published on Soccerlens and will be considered part of the contest. During the last week of the month, the Soccerlens team will evaluate all published entries […]

MSN, Google, Yahoo, Who Will Win?

c4sr who is a prominent member of the Hive Community is responsible for pointing this video series out to us. It’s called the Search Engine Rap battle. (Warning: Video automatically starts playing when you browse to the site and mild language is used. Probably not safe for work.) Just like the rap battles you may […]

AdWords vs 125X125 Ad Block

Late last night, I sent out a random blogging poll to Twitter. The question I proposed was this: As a blogger, have you ever clicked on an AdSense ad or anyone’s 125X125 pixel ads? Thankfully, I received a number of responses on Twitter, most of which surprised me. Here are the responses as they came […]

Authority Blog vs. Hub Blog

In this post, I’m using the terms “authority blog” and “hub blog” in this manner: Authority blog Filled with conceptually unique content Posts are longer than the average blog post Doesn’t link out very often More likely to link internally than to other blogs Posting frequency is not as important as post quality Hub blog […]