MSN, Google, Yahoo, Who Will Win?

c4sr who is a prominent member of the Hive Community is responsible for pointing this video series out to us. It’s called the Search Engine Rap battle. (Warning: Video automatically starts playing when you browse to the site and mild language is used. Probably not safe for work.)

Just like the rap battles you may have seen on TV, these search engines battle it out for the dopest lyrics. Upon the completion of the video, users can vote for which they think did the best during the battle. There are three different battles to watch, MSN vs Google, MSN vs Yahoo!, and Google vs Yahoo!. While MSN puts up a decent fight, the real battle is Google vs Yahoo!. I found that one to be the most difficult in terms of voting for a winner.

Here is the video featuring Google going up against Yahoo!.

Google is not only good at search, but they know how to rap as well.

2 thoughts on “MSN, Google, Yahoo, Who Will Win?

  1. Haha this is an awesome idea….Google obviously wins in the real search engine battle.
    Almost all of my traffic from search engines comes from google.

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