5 Basic and Yet Essential Tips to Get You Started with Blogging

So you were inspired by the self-made successful bloggers that you read daily and you want to start a blogging career? The problem is you don’t know where to start.

Here are 5 simple, basic, bare and yet essential tips that will help you get started with your blogging adventure.

Find A Niche

Make sure that the subject of your blog is what you are passionate about. How can you write those killer articles if you don’t know what you are going to talk about? It’s a SOP when starting a niche blog.

Forget About the General GSE Niches

GSE (Gadgets, Social media, and Entertainment) niches which are general in nature is already saturated. People won’t read your blog about a new mobile phone, they will go to Engadget instead.  For entertainment they would go to Paris Hilton’s blog and  Mashable for the latest in social media. If you want to blog about gadgets, focus on a specific gadget.

Find a Reliable Hosting Solution

GoDaddy is not the only web hosting solutions, there are far too many companies that could give you the most affordable and reliable hosting service. Select a couple, evaluate each and then select which one suits your needs.

Research on that Killer Domain Name

This is the most difficult and yet fun part of starting a blogging career. Find the most suitable domain name that would best suit your niche. You’d be amazed at how difficult it is to get that killer domain name. Most of them are already taken. If the TLD .com is no longer available, take the risk and get the TLD .net or .org. And hope that the owner of the .com is just parking the domain. Otherwise you will have a stiff competition when it comes to search engine ranking.

Now Relax a Bit

After doing all four steps mentioned above, now is the time to relax a bit. Congratulations! You’ve completed the first phase of starting a blogging career. The next phase will be tougher.

11 thoughts on “5 Basic and Yet Essential Tips to Get You Started with Blogging

  1. Nice article. I agree with most of what you said but i don’t think Godaddy is the best host for a blog. There server are slow according to most of the negative reviews they get.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I agree that the your blog subject should be something that you really interested in. I think this is 1st step that you should do. Think of something you love to talk about.

  3. @Brandon – Thanks for the thoughts. I maybe referring to tech blogs in general, when most of the time the smaller niche blogs source their articles from the “bigger” tech blogs. And who has access to first-hand information coming from manufacturers’ PR machine but these “bigger” tech blogs, right? But I agree, the it’s most enjoyable to read stuff written by people who are passionate about what they are writing.

    @InternetHow Blog – Case in point, I recently started two blogs. One about iPhone apps and the other about Eee Reader (which I later on expanded to cover other ereaders as well. Both covering news. Guess which one is doing better? The Eee Reader is doing better than the iPhone blog because there were fewer blogs about ebook readers than there are iPhone apps blogs. Thanks for the comment.

    @Thoma – yes, thanks for correcting.

    @Teen blogger and Saima – please watch out for part 2.

  4. I would agree with Brandon. I also check smaller blogs within those smaller niches. It all depends on the person. If you carry on producing good content and interact with your readers, etc, you should be able to get your piece from those massive niches. Don’t forget, although a lot of people starting a blog in those popular topics, at the same time a lot of people are abondoning as they can’t come up with original content. Also, the demand for those niches are massive, so there is always space for new quality blogs.

  5. Good article and good tips, but I’m not so sure people should avoid the niches you mentioned. I subscribe to the major blogs you mentioned, but they’re actually not the ones I enjoy the most – I like the bogs that are real and that are written by real people who have a passion for those areas. Plus, it’s a lot like opening a car dealership. Where’s the best place to open one? Next to all the others so that you can take advantage of all the passers by. Just my own thoughts.

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