10 Reasons to Have More Than One Email Address

Nowadays, having multiple email accounts can be very useful. In fact, in today’s fast-paced digital age, it is almost essential if you’re active online. Multiple online identities are critical to effectively manage your online presence – including actively updated blogs. Here is a list of the top 10 reasons to have more than one email […]

How to Find the Perfect Keywords Every Time

If you’re planning your first SEO campaign or even starting again because your site isn’t attracting the right kind of traffic then the most important step you can take before you do anything else is to make sure you’ve done some well thought out and well managed keyword research. Get it wrong, by targeting the […]

How To Face Your Blogging Fears

In the beginning, blogging is like giving a presentation in front of an audience, and you feel a little anxious about hitting the publish button. Here are some suggestions to help settle your fears and hopefully change your perception of blogging whether you have already started or might be considering it. When I explain the […]

Spice Up Your Blog With 7 jQuery Goodies

You invested a great deal of time and effort into getting your website ready for the world to view. While content is definitely the most important thing, a little eye candy never hurt either. Rather than gambling with proprietary plugins like Flash player, it is better to use tools that every browser on every device […]

5 Ways To Write Blogs Outside of the Box

Blogging is frequently derided as a hack’s sport: a dumping ground for navel-gazing anecdotes that contribute little but clutter to the digital landscape. However, like any other art form, the quality of the blog is as dependent on the writer’s dedication to the craft as his or her chosen subject matter. Distinguishing your blog from […]

10 Ways to Keep Visitors Coming Back to Your Blog

1.  Post regularly.  So how often is regularly?  Just be consistent.  Don’t start writing blog posts every day if you can only keep that pace up for a week or two.  I recommend at LEAST once a week, but a few times a week will be better.  People will take note as to how often […]

Why Do They Call It Bum Marketing?

When I first started to dabble in Internet marketing it became clear pretty early on that it was all about links, so the next thing I had to figure out was where to get them which lead me to the article directories. The concept couldn’t be any easier, you write an article put your links […]

4 Ways to Blog Yourself Fit

The road to fitness can be lonely. If you’re overweight and self-aware enough to do something about it, that makes you incredibly brave, but you still probably don’t want to advertise your mission from the rooftops (at least not until you’ve gone down a couple jeans sizes). Coworkers, friends, and family can be less than […]