10 Reasons to Have More Than One Email Address

Nowadays, having multiple email accounts can be very useful. In fact, in today’s fast-paced digital age, it is almost essential if you’re active online. Multiple online identities are critical to effectively manage your online presence – including actively updated blogs.

Here is a list of the top 10 reasons to have more than one email address:

  1. Manage Your Personal Affairs
    You want to be sure that all your private and confidential personal matters are stored where you have ready access to them and they are secure. You also want to limit advertising your personal email address to family members and friends only. Here, choosing an email address with your first name or initial and your surname would help these people identify you.
  2. Keep Your Business Affairs Professional
    You will need to have a different email address for your business associations, be they colleagues, clients or other contacts. You can keep your work separate from your private affairs and maintain a professional identity by having an email address that advertises your name and the company you work for.
  3. Protect Your Identity
    Having numerous email addresses will help protect your identity, especially if you are a busy blogger or social networker. Unless the group you are involved in needs to know who you are, you can keep your identity private by choosing separate email addresses for these activities.
  4. Ease of Handover
    If you become involved in a project that you may need to hand over to someone else later on, it makes sense to create a generic email account for this purpose. All correspondence remains in a dedicated account that you can simply hand over, with the user name and password, when the need arises.
  5. Throwaway Email Accounts
    Another perfect reason to have multiple email addresses, is that in today’s disposable world, you can have as many throwaway email accounts as you need. Whatever the purpose, be it for short-term bulk mailing or advertising a once-off event, when the project is over, you can simply delete the account.
  6. Blogging, Forums and Social Networking
    Probably the best reason to have a variety of email addresses is for blogging, forum posting and social networking, to keep your various activities independent of each other. Many of these sites offer the option of site-specific email addresses, or at least the option of signing in with an email address that you can create specifically for your purpose. Having more than one email address in this environment makes managing your online presence much easier.
  7. Remaining Anonymous
    A great reason for having multiple email accounts is that you can hide your real identity with a fictitious email address and, in so doing, retain your anonymity. With very little personal contact on the internet, few people really care who you are and you can quite safely remain incognito.
  8. Using an Alias
    You may be an article writer, blogger or forum poster who does not want to reveal their true identity, for whatever reason. Perhaps exposing who you are would compromise your standing in the community. Having multiple email accounts will easily avoid this and you can choose any name and email address you like.
  9. Multiple Characters or Alter-Egos
    The internet is largely impersonal and a place where people can live out their fantasies. With all of the online gaming, networking and interacting, you may choose to represent yourself in a variety of different ways. For each of these characters you build, you can create associated email addresses for each role.

10. Accessibility Options
And finally, a more functional and practical reason for having more than one      email address is ease of accessibility. You may be happy with storing much of your email correspondence online, especially with how portable and connected the world is. But then again, you may need ready access to important information on your laptop or iPad when you cannot connect to the internet. Having multiple email addresses with the option of forwarding them to your main email account on your computer will certainly help with accessibility. It will help with streamlining and managing too, because the more email accounts you have, the better organized you will need to be.

No matter how many email addresses you choose to have, there are plenty of good reasons to have more than one. WAY more than one. It just makes sense.

And like the old saying goes, “the more the merrier!” And once you know all these reasons, it really is all about fun when you think about it.

Did you know: you can do a ‘reverse email lookup’ and find more information about someone just from their email alone. Go to this article containing 25 people search engine and take a look at the first 3…Facebook allows you to enter an email in their search box and find that person’s social networking profile. Scary huh?

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Have More Than One Email Address

  1. I always use two G-mail address. One with which I subscribe and test everything. Another is that with which I communicate with friends and my business affairs. the second one I do not want to get too many e-mails. Just only the important ones.

    So, it does really help to have a second e-mail. May be a third one for different purpose will also serve you. But remember that you have to plan how much time you want to spend in which email address.

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