5 More Common Distractions to Bloggers and How To Deal With Them

Last year, James Mowery posted about five common distractions that bloggers face in the course of a writing/blogging workday. James cited TV, games, mobile phones, social networks and even the web as top distractions. There are a host of other things out there that can get your focus out of writing. Here are a few, […]

How to Maintain Focus When Writing

As a blogger and writer, I must admit that there are days when I’m just on a roll. I’m able to achieve significant output. I’m able to manage my time wisely, and I’m generally productive. But then there are also those days when I uselessly stare at the computer screen for hours on end, never […]

Blogging through a power cut: plan ahead to minimise downtime

Just as some computer users (not you of course) don’t do regular backups, it’s easy to take for granted everything we require to do our job as bloggers and so not plan for problems.

If blogging is your business, you’ll want to think about what to do when the lights go out…

5 Social Media Tips and Tricks That Work

Since social media is such a powerful tool for increasing the traffic to your blog, I’ve tried many different social media tips.  Here are five of the best tips that have worked for my sites and our clients’ sites. 1. Befriend power users. Power users are the users that exert the most influence on social […]