A Proofreading Tool For WordPress

You’ve just finished typing up a great post for your blog and you’ve made sure all your links work. You’ve also made sure to break up the text using various heading sizes so the readers can easy scan through your document. Now you’re ready to click the publish button and send it out to the […]

5 Ways to Make Your Blog Timeless

Blogging is immediate, particularly for niches that rely on breaking news realtime. Thus it’s easy to forget that readers will visit your blog and read posts months, years, and even decades after they were written. Here are five ways to keep visitors engaged with your content, and prevent them from bouncing after they scratch their […]

5 Things Your News Posts Should Cover

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a post detailing what every news article should cover. I unfortunately can’t seem to remember where I encountered it (if you know what I’m talking about feel free to leave a link in the comments), but the tips shared there make a useful foundation for writing news […]

5 Ways to Quickly Generate Blog Posts

Image via Wikipedia All of us have deadlines, post quotas, and traffic targets to meet. Whether self-imposed or an employer’s requirement, these goals all rely on producing content on a regular basis. Here are five ways to keep the content coming, specifically catered for use during limited time or dry idea spells.

Blogging Fear: Just Start Writing

Recently, I was consulting with a business owner about starting her own blog. Darren Rowse, Problogger, referred her to me, and so I was excited to get started. One of my biggest passions is to teach, and there is nothing I love more than to see a business jumping into the blogging world. She was […]

Scheduling Your Writing Time Based on Your Energy

Recently, I posted about the ebbs and flow of energy during your day to day life (Blogging and Working: Productive Times, Days and Locations), and I wanted to highlight some more on that point by telling you to focus your writing efforts on your peak energy times. Things like feed reading, e-mail, topic research, and […]

Say What You Want in Three Sentences

How long should email responses be? How long should blog posts be? With some microblogging services, we already have a pre-defined length by which we must subscribe to. Twitter, for instance, gives you a space of only 140 characters. SMS messages, of course, are limited to 160 characters (not counting concatenated or “multi-part” messages). What […]

Writing Tip: Establish Context So Readers Understand Better

If you’re a fan of TV series, serialized novels or the like, you would be familiar with the usual pre-episode introductions. “Previously on (insert title of show here)” it would go. And in book series (particularly those aimed at kids and adolescents), each installment would usually include brief references to character backgrounds. I suppose the […]

Top Writing Tip: Learn from Wordsmiths

I have just been reading some online material by two of my favorite bloggers and noticed a distinct impact on the way I express myself. So notable is this effect that I think it constitutes a “tip”. Without wanting to puff up my discovery unduly, this is the best possible writing tip I can give […]