Interview with Yury Polnar from Demand Studios

Today we have the honour to feature an interview with Yuru Polnar from Demand Studios. Demand Studios, who are also advertiser here at BloggingPro, are a known name in the freelance and online writing sector and provide freelance writing opportunities to many writers. Anyone looking to get started as a paid content provider, or publishers […]

7 Quick Blog Post Ideas

If you’re like me, you’ll run in to writers block from time to time. Coming up with a new blog post idea everyday can really be difficult, especially if your blog covers a very specific niche. So here’s a few quick ideas for your next blog post: 1. Build Off An Existing Post One thing […]

5 Things Your News Posts Should Cover

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a post detailing what every news article should cover. I unfortunately can’t seem to remember where I encountered it (if you know what I’m talking about feel free to leave a link in the comments), but the tips shared there make a useful foundation for writing news […]