7 Quick Blog Post Ideas

If you’re like me, you’ll run in to writers block from time to time. Coming up with a new blog post idea everyday can really be difficult, especially if your blog covers a very specific niche. So here’s a few quick ideas for your next blog post:

1. Build Off An Existing Post

One thing that I find really effective is writing a post that builds off of another one. It could be one of your old posts from your own archive or it could be a post someone else has written on a different blog. Basically, you start off where you (or they) left off and build from it.

2. Answer A Question

Nothing is more effective than answering a question. It could be something one of your readers left in a comment, something you found on Yahoo answers, or simply a general question that a lot of people ask. Not only will it make a good post but it will also help your readers.

3. Ask Your Readers A Question

If you don’t want to answer a question, you can also ask your readers a question. This helps generate comments since a lot of your readers will want to submit their answers.

4. Create A List Of Something

Of all the blog posts I’ve ever written on my personal blog, the majority of them were lists. Such as 10 ways to do this or 7 tools to make this easier. They make for really catchy titles and often spread like wildfire across the web.

5. Review A Product (Or A Blog)

If you’re in to software or gadgets, writing a review can be an easy way to come up with a new blog post. Don’t forget to look at the basic things like an application you may have downloaded. You can also write a review of your favorite blog. This not only gives the other blogger some recognition, but it also gives your readers a valuable resource.

6.  Interview Someone

Nothing gains credibility faster than interviewing someone in your niche. If you’re a writer, seek out to find an author you can interview. If you run a local blog, find someone in your area that will sit down and answer some of your questions.

7. Tell A Story

While it’s true that not everyone likes reading your stories, they can sometimes be very useful for your readers. Especially if you write about a struggle you had or an obstacle that you’ve overcome. This will help your readers avoid the problems you’ve run in to.

Have any more ideas? Feel free to share them below!

16 thoughts on “7 Quick Blog Post Ideas

  1. Great post. So far I have done almost all of the ones on your list. I am about to do #5 I think it is – review something. I just saw a movie that caused me a great deal of stress. I think others will want to know about it. Thanks.

  2. Nice list, I`ve done all of them except number 6.. I COULD do an interview with myself, when I think about it. Schizophrenia, here I come. But you should really make a bigger list, give us some more free tips.. lol

    Nice post for “green” bloggers. 🙂

  3. I like your quick blog post ideas especially number 4 about creating a list of something. I have only really started blogging a short time ago and your number 4 really struck home with me. Thank you for such a terrific idea.

  4. Nice ideas, although – to be honest – over time I got fed up with the list posts. I. e. Smashing Magazine (a design blog) has very interesting teasers, but I cannot read one list post after another.

    I like the review idea, especially if you are honest and people do not get the feeling you are just trying to sell something, you get an affiliate provision for.

    Interviewing is also very good to increase your traffic but it may take some time, work and convincing to get the interviews with the really interesting people in your niche / topic.

  5. thanks for posting the ” 7 Quick Blog Post Ideas”. i will surely apply this to my blog.

    and yes your right not everyone likes to read our stories since we cannot please everybody. Some may raise their eyebrows or just walk out and find some interesting stories. It is up to us to find way on how to tickle the readers mind and let them read it again and again. Stories that somehow useful in our daily living like tips on cleaning appliances, gadgets for our garage which is very helpful.

  6. I like your quick blog post ideas especially number 4 about creating a list of something. I have only really started blogging a short time ago and your number 4 really struck home with me. Thank you for such a terrific idea.

    Thanks again,


  7. I am new to blogging and have setup a blog recently. I learned about the 4th one myself as every blogger out there try to create a list every now and then, and just like you did in this post. But for me 1,2 and 3 are new and interesting points. And that gives me the idea on how can I build off from your this post.

    Thank you very much! This post is going to really help me in blogging.

  8. wow I need quicker way to get blog post idea.. LOL just kidding..

    reviewing a product is the easiest way, but list of something maybe need so much time..

  9. Hello Justin!

    I liked your ” 7 Quick Blog Post Ideas”.

    Particularly the 4th one. “Create A List Of Something” is a very good idea.

    We can actually make a list on almost anything right?

    Thank you for the post


    Phillip Ed

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