Freelance Writing Jobs Introduces Resources for Freelance Writers

 Source The Internet has opened up worlds of possibilities for everyone, with freelance writers being some of the most fortunate ones. There seems to be the prevailing that anyone can be a “freelance writer” these days, and while that may not be totally incorrect, there is also the stark truth that one needs a particular […]

Three Essential Tools for Freelancers and Small Businesses

You could be the most talented web designer, artist, photographer or writer in the world, but no matter how in demand your work may be, if you can’t get the basics of running a business under control then you are going to struggle to make a living for long. Whether you are just branching out […]

Interview with Yury Polnar from Demand Studios

Today we have the honour to feature an interview with Yuru Polnar from Demand Studios. Demand Studios, who are also advertiser here at BloggingPro, are a known name in the freelance and online writing sector and provide freelance writing opportunities to many writers. Anyone looking to get started as a paid content provider, or publishers […]

FreelanceWritingGigs Becomes A Network

Freelance Writing which is headed up by one time Performancing contributor Deb Ng has announced that, she has turned the site from one blog into a network of six blogs. This move will enable visitors to quickly find the content they enjoy the most from specific authors. When asked about the move, Deb responded: […]

Freelancing In Tough Times

Copyblogger has a good article worth reading if you’re a freelancer entitled, Where Have All the Freelance Writing Jobs Gone? The economy is creating tough times for Freelancers as more and more site owners slash budgets and cut costs. However, Yuwanda Black provides some tips on how to turn a down economy into an opportunity […]

The Dangers of Freelance Indecision

If you freelance write/ blog for a living, you might have run into a problem that’s cropped up for me in the past: that of working on two articles at once for one client, unable to decide which one will get done sooner. While you might have the freedom to decide, it’s possible that neither […]

11 Skills That A Freelance Blogger Should Have

So you think you’re a good writer and you’ve read Skellie’s 10 tips for freelance blogging income, in which she says that you shouldn’t accept less than $50 for a 400-word post – even when you’re starting out. I agree that good bloggers deserve this (though whether they’ll get it is questionable). But are you […]

Should You Blog For Yourself or Freelance?

Do you have dreams of making a living working online, possibly through blogging? Do you have a plan for how to achieve that? This year marks three years of serious blogging for me, though I have been a freelance writer and published author for much longer. Since becoming a committed blogger, the tough decision has […]