FreelanceWritingGigs Becomes A Network

Freelance Writing which is headed up by one time Performancing contributor Deb Ng has announced that, she has turned the site from one blog into a network of six blogs. This move will enable visitors to quickly find the content they enjoy the most from specific authors. When asked about the move, Deb responded:

“This is a natural progression for the site,” says Deborah Ng, who founded the site in May of 2005 to help work-at-home moms find better writing opportunities. “We have multiple contributors now. By providing six different blogs, we’re making it much more readable. Community members can subscribe to the different blogs rather than scrolling down deeper and deeper to find the content that interests them. This design will provide our readers with much more freedom.”

FWJ is strongly considered by many to be the premier site for freelance writers, especially those looking for a job. In terms of content, FWJ is covered by a variety of experienced writers such as Jodee Redmond, who blogs about writing jobs, including popular job listings, and other matters; James Chartrand, who blogs about the business of freelance writing; resident article writing expert Terreece Clark, as well as well-known bloggers Jennifer Chait and David Peralty, who blog on a wide variety of topics important to bloggers.

So while RWW has disbanded its network, others are creating them. Congratulations to Deb for being able to make the move and Performancing wishes her all the best.

2 thoughts on “FreelanceWritingGigs Becomes A Network

  1. Hi Jeff,
    I saw this site completely & I am pretty much happy on the Freelance Jobs available for writers. I am also a freelance writer & needs to know how far this site will take ahead in my writing carrer.
    I look forward for exciting challenges in this Field.


  2. Thanks Jeff. We’re excited about the changes. I realize it’s a little confusing at first for some but we’re working out the kinks and tweaking as we go. Hopefully the FWJ community and all our new visitors will embrace this as they did our past changes.

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