Be an expert, write for Performancing!

I have a deal for you. As you may have noticed, Performancing is rebooting. And part of the reboot involves you. Ok. So what’s the deal? Right? Well, we want you to be an expert, and we’re offering free front page links if you’re willing to give it a shot;-) Performancing is looking for members […]

Write for Readers not Link Listers if You Want to Have an Audience

Back in the olden days when I first started blogging. The words “Content is king,” were said so frequently that you couldn’t read ten blog posts without coming across them. You still see that sentence, though not quite as often. Yet another word was said alongside that sentence that I don’t hear much at all […]

Write Like an Expert

I was inspired to write this post by a terrific piece at Wired, it seemed to go well with my “some guy on the internet” post the other day. The satirical wired piece recommends the following for appearing to be an expert: PICK A FIELD THAT CAN’T BE VERIFIED. CHOOSE A SUBJECT THAT’S ACTUALLY SECRET. […]